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VCU Medical Center Annual Report 2006

VCU Medical Center Annual Report 2007


The VCU Medical Center Annual Report was created to raise awareness within the national, regional and local medical and health sciences communities of the center’s accomplishments during 2007. The report’s organization and design were driven by the tagline “Every day, a new discovery.” Developed as part of a strategic marketing campaign to highlight the center’s innovative atmosphere, the phrase provides a singular theme that connects each section of the report — from research and treatment options to patient care and community outreach. A yearlong timeline illustrating awards, events and partnerships serves as a thread that further ties the report together, while the use of large, engaging photos accented by blue-sky imagery exemplifies the hope offered by everyday advancements. The result is a 40-page, 11" x 8.5" publication that illustrates the medical center’s breakthrough discoveries across the health care spectrum.

Special techniques

  • UV four-color printing process to emphasize photos
  • Spot varnish technique to create a sheen over images, graphics and the timeline feature


  • Writing and editing
  • Design
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Production management
  • Press checks