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VCU Year of the Environment Banner Online Guide

VCU Year of the Environment Banner Online Guide


We developed the VCU Year of the Environment online guide as a companion piece to the street banner, placed on the highly visible West Broad Street Parking Deck. We also created the street banner (screen 1) in partnership with University Marketing and used a combination of photography and illustration to showcase VCU’s wide variety of green initiatives. The banner depicts a variety of VCU’s sustainable programs, from wildlife conservation research at the Rice Center and community gardens throughout Richmond to recycling and alternative transportation.

Embedded in the VCU Year of the Environment website, the online guide features an interactive Flash version of the street banner with a scroll bar for easy navigation. Users click highlighted images for more information on the programs depicted and links to additional resources (screen 2). We also developed a static HTML guide (screen 3) as an alternative method for users without Flash capabilities to access the content.

Special features/services

  • Editing
  • Flash programming
  • HTML development
  • Visual design and concept