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Office of Undergraduate Admissions

VCU Undergraduate Admissions

Award winner2007 CASE District III award winner and
2007 Admissions Marketing award winner


The goals of the redesigned Office of Undergraduate Admissions website include reflecting the excitement of VCU and engaging a younger audience, while at the same time providing valuable information for prospective students and their families.

The site’s bright and playful redesign uses flash technology on the home page to show snapshots of university life (screen 1), while rotating highlight boxes and toolboxes give users multiple ways to navigate through the site’s sublevel content (screen 2). First-person student profiles (screens 3 and 4) — along with an interactive roommate quiz and blog — encourage users to spend more time on the site learning about the university.

Special features/services

  • Blog
  • Flash
  • Database programming
  • Rotating highlight box
  • Student profiles
  • Roommate quiz created in Javascript
  • Writing and editing
  • Photography
  • Visual design and concept
  • HTML/CSS development